Lumone - PTC Creme

Lumone PTC Creme

Direction of usage:

PTC crème shall be applied immediately after treatment and re-apply when the skin is dry.

Recommended to complete application for 4-5 days to achieve optimum results.

  • Contain various botanical actives including peptides:
    • For skin healing and concurrently stimulate collagen, elastin production and skin cell fibroblast.
  • With Porphyridium cruerum extract (omega 3 & 6), Rosmarinus officinalis leaf, scutellaria baicalensis root extracts, spent grain wax:
    • Influence the skin inflammatory response, prevent skin oxidation, improves the moisture skin barrier to rebuild extracellular matrix of damaged skin.
  • Hydrolized Pea Protein:
    • Induced collagen production thus anti-agin and anti-oxidation
  • With 2 different sodium hyaluronate:
    • Boost up skin natural moisturizing factor and increases the skin’s water holding ability thus improve skin dryness, irritation and roughness.
  • Contain 3 different molecular weight HA:
    • Deliver to different layer epidermis and dermis for moisturizing on top and deeper skin layer.
  • Well refined light shea butter:
    • Nourish & protect the skin without being too heavy.

Lumone PTC