LightSheer Hair Removal

More and more people desire to have permanent hair reduction.
They want a treatment that is effective, fast and comfortable.


To meet these needs, Lumenis, a leader in laser and energy based technologies, developed the LightSheer DESIRE, the new generation of Laser Hair Reduction system from the LightSheer Family of products, so you can grow your business by offering your patients what they DESIRE.


Unique features:
  • The "Gold standard" 805nm diode laser.
  • 3 handpieces with various spot sizes.
  • 2 advanced technologies.
  • Upgradable features: add capabilities as your practice grows.


LightSheer DESIRE

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How it works?

  • Vacuum gently draws skin into the handpiece, skin is stretched thin and target is pulled closer to the energy source.
  • Energy is applied to target in which melanocytes are spread apart and blood flow is constricted.
  • Target is damaged and skin is released.

Advantages Of High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™)

  • Increased efficacy: reduction in competing chromophores enables delivery of laser energy more efficiently.
  • Higher safety: less energy is absorbed by the epidermis and lower fluence is required since the target is closer to the energy source.
  • Decreased pain: The unique vacuum mechanism activates tactile and pressure skin receptors to inhibit the transmission of pain sensation.
  • Fastest treatment: with a spot size of 22×35 mm, large areas can be treated rapidly without the need for cooling or anesthetics.

How ChillTip™ Works

  • Skin is cooled before and during treatment.
  • Skin is compressed. Laser beam applied to skin and target is damaged



Advantages Of ChillTip™ Technology

  • Enhanced safety: superior epidermal protection is achieved through ChillTip contact cooling
  • Increased comfort: by continuously cooling the skin, pain and discomfort are significantly reduced.
  • Higher efficacy: Compression of the skin rotates follicle closer to the surface, blenches blood vessels and reduces competing chromophores. High fluence enables treatment of areas requiring precision and thin, light hair.


How Will Your Patients Benefit?

Patient Benefits

Faster Treatment Time
Ultimate Patient Comfort
Clinically Validated Efficacy

Clinically Validated Efficacy

Numerous clinical studies and peer review articles have validated the safety and efficacy of the technologies powering the LightSheer DESIRE. Thousands of satisfied customers have been and are still benefiting from the gold standard performance and patient satisfaction.

Ultimate Patient Comfort

High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™) uses a unique vacuum mechanism that activates the skin’s tactile and pressure receptors to inhibit the transmission of pain.  ChillTip™ Technology improves patient comfort by cooling the skin prior to treatment and continuously cooling it throughout the treatment.

Faster Treatment

High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™) reduces treatment time by more than 75%. Using the 22x35mm spot size, large areas as the back and legs can be treated in less than 10 minutes. THE HIT ™ eliminates the lengthy preparation time need need for cooling or anesthetics.


How Will Your Practice Benefit?

Practice Benefits:

Satisfied Patients
Faster Learning Curve
Treatment Versatility

Benefit today from a rapid return on investment. Expand your practice’s offering with the latest hair removal technology and attract new customers seeking fast, comfortable & affordable hair removal treatments.


How Will Your Practice Benefit?

  • Satisfied Patients:
    Treatments are cost effective and large areas can be treated in less than 10 minutes, so you can see more satisfied patients.
  • Faster Learning Curve:
    The system is simple to operate and has a friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) and preset programs- For a faster learning curve and easy treatment delegation.
  • Treatment Versatility:
    The handpieces have been ergonomically designed and can be switched using a simple ‘Plug and Play’ method-To allow versatility in treatment options and improved system handling.
  • Multi-Location-Usage:
    The system is light and portable and can easily be transported from one place to another- To enable multi-location use.
  • Upgrade:
    The system is up-gradable so it can grow with your business-To fit your needs in any given time and match your practice requirements so you can maximize revenues.

Desirable Clinical Results

The LightSheer technology by Lumenis has been validated in numerous clinical studies and peer reviewed articles. Thousands of satisfied customers have been and are still benefiting from the gold standard performance and patient satisfaction.


Physician Testimonials

“With the High Speed Technology I can treat large body areas in record time. Using the 22×35 handpiece I can complete treatment on backs and legs in less than 10 minutes. The treatment is very effective, and because of the HIT technology there is no pain. My customers love the results and recommend it to their friends. My business turnover has in-creased.”
Mary Lupo, M.D

“I chose the LightSheer for my practice because it uses an 805 diode which has a proven track record for superior clinical safety and efficacy. I am very pleased with my choice. The results are outstanding and the treatment is most comfortable for the patients. With the combination of three handpieces utilizing two different technologies, I can give the best treatment to every patient that comes to my office ”
Adele Quintana, M.D.

“The LightSheer is a fast and easy to use device. It is perfect for treating large body areas as well as small and precise ones due to the combination of the High-Speed and the ChillTip, ET & XC, handpieces. Both the vaccum of the High-Speed and the cooling of the ChillTip combine effective treatments with novel ways to minimize discomfort. It is a device that both my staff and patients can count on…”
Omar A. Ibrahimi, M.D., Ph.D.

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